The “scavenger of democracy” that is writing on this blog lives between Bruxelles, the capital of European Continent, the US, in particular the Commonwealth of Virginia (the first British Colony and oldest American State) and Tuscany, the birthplace of Renaissance and Humanism. The three are places of deep democratic roots, Brussels being the headquarter of European Union, Virginia being the state of American founding fathers and first presidents, and Tuscany being the region of the Medieval Communes and the first civil state to abolish torture and death penalty in 1789. He researches mostly on international issues, in particular defense peace and security, democracy and democratization, conflict resolution and he likes debates. He wants to challenge his mindset and believes commenting global events of different parts of the world. Structural changes are happening on our planet in this period of humankind history and people’s empowerment is asking for more freedom and dignity. In order to give a far future to our specie it is fundamental to share ideas from different cultural and political perspectives, reduce ethnocentric views and criticize mainstream thoughts. This is the aim of the blog. And this is what I stimulate the readers to do too.

As Latin people said we need to have “otium” (leisure) for inner creation, besides “negotium” (business) for external production. So this blog is dedicated to the “creative idleness” and the “vita activa” of the people around the world. And to the search of Truth, because as Giovenale said (followed by Rosseau, Schopenauer, Gandhi etc.):  Vitam Impendere Vero (Sacrifice Life to Truth)


mau firenze

I am based in Brussels working as international affairs analyst and consultant. Originally from Florence, Italy, where I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science/International Relations and a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies, I completed my PhD in International Studies/Conflict and Cooperation at the Old Dominion University in Virginia, US. I have professional experience as analyst for NATO, in particular on MENA/African continent, and previously in Latin America and South Asia on peacekeeping, human rights, security and democracy with different INGOs (to include Peace Brigades International and Nonviolent Peaceforce) in Southeast Asia on mediation and peacebuilding with local NGOs and in the US teaching and researching for different Universities and think tanks, to include University of North Carolina, Carter Center and ACT-NATO. My most recent research and operation focuses are: Western democratic crisis and resurgence of nationalism and their impact on security and the new world order; inclusion/exclusion of minorities in democratization countries as well as mature Western democracies; conflict prevention, mediation and reconciliation in intrastate conflicts, especially in MENA, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

My emails: mgeri003@odu.edu  maurizio_geri@hotmail.com

Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=24192774&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

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An unfamiliar political geography of a 'democratic and modern' world from the perspective of a Florentine man living in Virginia

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