Some papers


A possible Iranian-Turkish rapprochement for more stability in the Middle East?

Collective Security Communities. A new world order among chaos and coherence?

A peace to end all wars. The case for an American-Iranian rapprochement

Social Media and Social Change. Three different cases for different outcomes Tunisia, China and Italy

Arab Spring and political Islam. The case of Tunisia

Personal and Social Empowerment in a Globalized World. How Empowering Subcultures Results in Flourishing Societies

The evolution of American foreign policy since post WWII until today

US foreign policy towards China in the past: a history of balancing and engaging

The future relationship between the US and China: strategies for the a peaceful coexistence

The evolution of political Islam in the Middle East

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An unfamiliar political geography of a 'democratic and modern' world from the perspective of a Florentine man living in Virginia

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